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Coloratura: The Opera Dolls

Our Aida doll has a sparkling gold, white, and blue satin-like dress with a gold crown made out of felt which is well-suited for a princess! Costume details include embroidered bracelets and a necklace.  She has shiny fabric sandals to regally walk through any kingdom! 

At 12” tall, Aida is a perfectly sized plush doll great for hugging, snuggling, and singing along! 

Squeeze the belly to play the 45-second musical sample of “O patria mia” sung in Italian. Pique your child’s interest in opera and culture with an accompanying booklet complete with an excerpt of sheet music and a short blurb of the character’s story. 

Learn about history, languages, culture, and classical music. Mix music education and imaginative play. Aida completes one-third of the multi-lingual doll set of Carmen, Aida, and Adele. 

Aida’s music is from an eponymous opera, Aida, written by Giuseppe Verdi in 1870. This aria is called “O patria mia” which means “Oh, my country” in Italian. Aida is an Ethiopian princess and this opera is about her love story.

  • Made for children ages 3 and up.
  • Zipper on the back to easily change the battery!
  • All dolls have been tested and have a safety CPC certificate.
  • Removable sound device included with replaceable LR44 batteries. 
  • 100% Polyester
  • 12” tall
  • Weight 128g 

Aida’s Story:  

“ Hello, Opera Fan! I’m Aida, a princess from Ethiopia that is being held captive in Egypt. Radamés, an Egyptian soldier, is my knight in shining armor, but our love is forbidden because our countries are enemies! Giuseppe Verdi wrote the opera, titled Aida, about our love story. In my aria, “O patria mia,” I sing about missing my home. ”

Just squeeze her belly and the beautiful music comes out! Collect the ensemble!

Recorded by Opera Singer Anastasia Rege and Pianist Anna Royzman.

Listen Now - Click the play button below to hear Aida's music!

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