About Us

JACOPERA, LLC was founded by three opera singers, mezzo-soprano Jennie Legary, soprano Anastasia Rege, and soprano Christina Hourihan. The three singers'​ goal with the formation of JACOPERA is to make opera tangible, relevant, and accessible to young audiences and beyond. By taking advantage of their collective backgrounds in music performance, music education, and music business, among other disciplines, the 100% woman-owned company delivers quality products and performances to achieve this goal.

JACOPERA’s three founding members are taking this niche market mainstream as they educate youth in order to change the way opera is viewed, both nationally and internationally. Opera is not an exclusive art form solely for the elite, but an inclusive art form meant for everyone. Through the creation of plush opera dolls and other merchandise, JACOPERA hopes to inspire a new generation of opera lovers.

Bringing the Beauty Of Opera To The Next Generation

Music has taken JACOPERA all over the world, and has led to collaborations with musicians of all different ethnicities, socio-economic backgrounds, ages, and nationalities. This exposure to other types of people allows for a wider worldview and increased acceptance of different cultures. Let’s help the world become a kinder place through music!

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Our Team

Christina Hourihan (Chief Operations Officer)

Christina Hourihan (Co-Founder, voice of Adele) is a coloratura soprano, actor, and voice over talent based in NYC. She met fellow co-founder Jennie Legary in a production of The Magic Flute, and met co-founder Anastasia Rege while they were getting their Master of Music degrees together. Ms. Hourihan has a Master of Music degree from The Conservatory of Music at Brooklyn College and a BA from Muhlenberg College. Christina is so glad to bring these dolls to life, and hopes they make a positive impact on your little one!

Anastasia Rege (Music & Education Officer)

Anastasia Rege (Co-Founder, voice of Aida) is a soprano, music director, and educator in NYC. She received her undergraduate degree in Voice at the University of Connecticut, and graduate degrees in vocal performance and music education from the Brooklyn College Conservatory of Music. Anastasia has performed at Carnegie Hall, Lincoln Center, BAM and abroad in Europe and South America. With JACOPERA she acted as artistic director for their performances in Italy, California, and Colorado. Anastasia is an active and energetic educator with experience teaching music throughout NYC. Her students and ensembles have won awards, been accepted in to music festivals, and have performed at prestigious venues throughout NYC. Anastasia is thrilled to be combining her love of opera and music education with The Opera Dolls!

Jennie Legary (Chief Marketing Officer)

Jennie Legary (Co-Founder, voice of Carmen) is a mezzo-soprano, entrepreneur, and marketing & branding consultant from the San Francisco Bay Area. She received her Bachelor of Music degree in Voice at the University of Colorado at Boulder, and a Masters in Performing Arts Management at the Accademia Teatro alla Scala. She also completed an internship at the Teatro dell’Opera di Roma assisting the “Fabbrica” Young Artist Program. Jennie is thrilled to be connecting her love of culture and opera both locally and internationally with the emergence of The Opera Dolls for generations to come!

Anna Royzman (Pianist)

Anna Royzman (Pianist) is the pianist you hear on every single doll! She is a Juilliard graduate and New York native.

Michael Sullivan (Coloring Book Illustrator)
Michael Sullivan (@avant9arde) is a career graphic designer and illustrator since 2010. His works include government contracted e-Learning courses, private branding designs, and published illustrations.