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What’s in the E-Coloring Book?

E-Coloring Book

We’ve designed the E-Coloring Book, illustrated by Michael Sullivan, to be a first-round introduction to The Opera Dolls. In this edition, we have included our initial collection of Aida, Adele, and Carmen. Just purchase, download, print, and color away!

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The Opera Dolls' Story

Christina Hourihan (Co-founder, voice of Adele) made a few observations during her time as a young opera singer. She discovered that such a large part of the adult population is indifferent to classical music and opera only because these styles of music are unfamiliar. However, when this type of music is played for a child, the child has a wonderful, positive reaction to it, and even likes it! Christina deduced that more children need to become familiar with the stories and melodies so, in the future, the world can gain more adult opera/classical music fans. Enter Coloratura: The Opera Dolls! Christina recruited co-founders Anastasia and Jennie, and the rest is history!

Here are a few examples of children actually enjoying this genre:

Christina sang the role of Suor Genovieffa in Puccini’s Suor Angelica. A friend brought her 2 year old daughter to the one hour long opera, and the small toddler was sitting in the audience wide-eyed the entire time, completely mesmerized by what was happening onstage (and was especially drawn to the role of the Princess). Her child did not know the storyline, but the little girl enjoyed the performance thoroughly, and even wanted a photo with the singer who played the role of the Princess afterwards.

In 2017/2018, Christina team-taught a toddler music & ballet class. During a segment of each 40 minute class, Christina sang one song operatically. The energetic toddlers completely stopped and stared at her with their jaws dropped open each time they heard her sing in this style, when they were running around only moments prior. This particular phenomenon was mentioned below on The Today Show:

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